Estate Planning and Elder Law

Helping families make a plan for aging

Talking about and making a plan for aging can be hard. After all, it affects the whole family. As an adult child of an aging parent, there’s a lot of emotions — worry, stress, sadness. It’s difficult to think about the people who once took care of you needing extra support.

As someone who’s aging, you have a lot to protect. A home that holds a lifetime of memories, a family that started with two and grew to generations, your financial independence and your legacy.

You might even feel that by starting the legal process, you’re turning over a bit of your independence. We’re here to tell you it’s quite the opposite. By consulting an experienced elder law attorney, you’re ensuring you’re protecting what you’ve worked so hard to build.

As a family, you can get peace of mind and prepare for aging together. It’s our job to make the conversation easier by helping families simplify an otherwise complex process.

Taking the first step

It starts with making a plan. By having a plan in place, your family will be able to enjoy the senior years knowing that finances, healthcare, and living arrangements are taken care of.

Your partner through the aging process

Our team has all the tools you need to help your family make a plan. We’re experienced in estate planning, long-term care, estate administration, and longevity planning.

We’re here to:

  • Help you get important documents in order
  • Coordinate finances for now and in the future
  • Implement a long-term care plan, including a plan for funding, with the trusted guidance of our geriatric care managers
  • Ensure your estate does not get stuck in probate by either moving your assets to a living trust, listing a beneficiary on an account(s), or transferring a deed with retained life estate (links to Probate landing page)
  • Protect your assets from Medicaid (links to Medicaid landing page)

As the only law firm in Western New York focused on elder law and estate planning, we have the dedicated expertise to deliver peace of mind to you and your family. It may seem overwhelming right now, but know we’re here for you every step of the way.

Make a plan today

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