Elder Law (Medicaid or Long Term Care Planning) Services

Older couple looking over financesNavigating the healthcare system, long term care options, finances, and other issues that impact us as we age can be overwhelming for families and their loved ones. It can also be fraught with misinformation that can lead to costly mistakes.

At Pfalzgraf, Beinhauer & Menzies (PBM Elder Law), we are committed to guiding families through the maze of options for health care and other services needed for aging loved ones.

We Explore the Many Services and Ways to Pay

At PBM Elder Law, we help families find ways to obtain the necessary services either through private service providers or through any of the multitude of government subsidized benefit programs that may be available. We have the experience and expertise to help pass a family legacy onto the next generation while ensuring quality of care for a family member in need of long-term care services.

Planning Tools Are Available

There are many ways that a family can plan that will legally limit the amount of resources that will have to be spent on medical care.

Depending on the specific medical needs and the setting in which the needs will be met including at home care, or in institutional settings like assisted living or skilled nursing facilities, there are a wide variety of planning tools that are available to allow eligibility for various forms of assistance.

The means by which these goals are met are complex and specific to each family’s economic and medical situation.

If you or a loved one are faced with a medical crisis or concerned about future care that may potentially deplete your family’s resources, contact PBM Elder Law at 716.204.1055 or email us at information@PBMLawyers.com so that we can determine what steps should be taken in order to maximize quality of care and asset preservation.