Your Longevity Plan: A Comprehensive Plan for Aging

Many people fail to adequately plan for our most advanced years when questions of long-term care, financial resources, and where you will live must be considered. There is no need to stumble through the complex, fragmented, and confusing system that often leaves families overwhelmed, exhausted, and without good choices. PBM Elder Law offers Longevity Planning, a unique approach to planning that brings together the necessary professionals in an integrated, coordinated approach to help you navigate the financial, legal, and long term care needs of your loved ones.

Our focus is on assisting seniors and their families in planning for the lifestyle they prefer as they age, protecting assets where possible, creating the necessary legal documents and financial plan, and ensuring appropriate care and the means to pay for it. We start by gathering all current legal documents, as well as financial and health information. We then consider your foreseeable future care needs and put in place a legal plan that maximizes your chances for enjoying the rest of your life with maximum independence and asset protection. Your Longevity Plan can and will change as circumstances dictate. That is why it is the beginning of a relationship rather than a transaction with our firm.

Legal Services

  • We review all documents that make up your current estate plan including Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Health Care directives;
  • We point out problems with the current documents and draft new documents as needed. The Plan for Aging includes new basic Last Wills and Testaments, Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Proxies.

Financial Coordination

  • We review and organize the current status of your assets and income by putting together a spreadsheet that is organized and understandable and includes all information we can gather.
  • We work with your financial consultant, or with one we can recommend, to consolidate your lifetime accumulations of products into one clear plan.
  • We update beneficiary designations to coordinate your plan.

Long Term Care Planning

  • We consider your current and foreseeable care needs and the costs they will incur.
  • We recommend and work with a Geriatric Care Manager to implement a plan to address current needs, if appropriate.
  • We help your family understand all of the various care options that are available and the costs associated with each level of care.
  • We determine the best use of public benefits and private resources to pay for the care.

The attorneys and staff of PBM Elder Law are there to guide you, direct you, and protect you–every step of the way. Call us at 716.204.1055 or email us at today to set up your initial consultation.